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Universalformers – The Original from Austria!

Direct – Honest – Experienced

Vacuum press manufacturer Universalformers

About the company

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We are pioneers in the field, with over 3 decades of experience in the vacuum pressing and thermoforming sectors. We are proud to produce innovatively designed, solidly built and technically sophisticated top quality machines. It is, and always has been, our aim to help you as our clients to increase the company’s business and enhance your overall performance. We ensure that the machine chosen by you continues to facilitate the company’s production needs well into the future.

In order to guarantee direct contact with you, dedicating our expert knowledge to help and support you, we have made the decision to distribute the machines as well as to make them.

We are direct, honest and experienced.

Universalformers stands for the universal and far reaching visionary focus of our machines.

The Lechenauer GmbH is a company with a long tradition in machine building, thermoforming/deep drawing and conveying solutions. It has the infrastructure to continue the high standards of Universalformer machines and implement new ideas for the future.

The Universalformers Team has decades of professional experience and extensive expertise in production technologies, material utilisation and adhesive application. They are experts in the field of cabinet making, including furniture production, interior fit out, shop fitting and object refurbishing with the following materials: foils/films, plastics, solid surface materials, composites and prepregs. Their range extends further to boat and shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace and special industrial applications and production processes.

Expert knowledge for your company directly from the vacuum machine manufacturer

We offer training courses either at your company or in-house at our factory, ensuring that you are totally confident with the use and operation of your purchased machine. The training contains working with a vacuum press, handling a heating drawer, operating a foil laminating press and thermoforming machine.

This further guarantees that you understand the full potential of the machines production possibilities, making certain that the machine is utilised to its full extent.

Please contact us today! We are delighted to offer our expertise, to talk about and to assess the feasibility of your projects. It is highly likely that we can find more areas of application, making our machines even more appealing for you!

Another opportunity to increase your company’s potential!

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Universalformers – The Original from Austria!

Direct – Honest – Experienced

We deliver reliable all spare parts for our previous built machines!

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