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Introduction of the Universalformers team

Manfred Müller
Head of Universalformers
Vacuumtechnology expert

+43 676 7084031

Manfred Mueller

Manfred Mueller is a specialist in vacuum technology, with decades of experience in both the national and international markets. As a master craftsman in cabinetmaking, he has a solid understanding and expertise in woodworking. His further education as a furniture and interior designer specialising in design, manufacturing and management, has provided him with in depth knowledge and experience to find perfect solutions for production process challenges. For many years Manfred put his heart and soul into just such challenges, working as technical consultant and vacuum technology developer for Columbus Presstechnology. Manfred has extensive expertise in the field, covering everything around vacuum pressing, foil laminating, adhesive application, forming plastics and solid surface materials, 3D thermoforming of plastics, special materials, such as prepregs, composites, lightweight materials and their utilisation. Not only in the wood sector, also in yacht building, in the automotive, aerospace and plastics industry, nationally and internationally. The innovative and well-established machine programme in today’s market was developed together with the Lechenauer Company. Together with the highly motivated Lechenauer Team, Manfred will now lead Universalformers in direct marketing into the future. With his passion for training, consulting and trouble-shooting for customers, he will continue to put his heart and soul into it!


Tony Tengwall

Technical sales consultant 

United Kingdom, Ireland


+44 (0) 771 891 2202

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